What is a Budgerigar?

It is a kind of bird which is domesticated among parrot species. It is the only species within a genus of the Australian continent. This bird is tiny, but its tail is long and usually has green and yellow feathers. There are black combs on its wings. Red parrots and fig parrots and budgerigars are considered relatives.

What are the characteristics of budgerigars?

They are approximately 18 cm long and come to about 30-40 grams. There are various spots in the larynx. Their beak is usually olive green, with fingers and legs in slightly bluish tones. The male budgerigars have purple and pink noses; females’ noses are in white tones. However, in females during nestling, the nose turns brownish.

Budgerigars are small in appearance but very active. They must live in cages, but they should be left out at home from time to time. Otherwise, there is a decline in flight capacity. There should be objects in their cages for feeding, drinking water and having fun. They also need cage-mounted rods.

Nutrition of Budgerigars

They benefit from specially produced feeds for feeding. However, budgerigars, like all parrot species, are herbivorous. In addition, various foods are harmful to the health of birds. Apart from feeds, it can rarely consume foods containing animal protein, such as boiled eggs . This helps birds to develop better and grow faster, but if consumed more than necessary; their health is at risk. Substances such as alcohol, chocolate, avocado, caffeine, lactose, garlic and onions are very harmful for budgerigars and should never be given.

Speech in Budgerigars

Among the parrot species are male budgerigars known for their speech. In 1994, the budgerigar named Puck was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records with 1,728 words memorization. In 2001, the budgerigar, Victor, was able to talk to the owner in dialogue. It is an important feature that he exhibits. Allegedly, the bird was estimated to be dead. If you want your budgie to talk; You should be in constant dialogue with him. Thanks to the small trainings, your budgerigar can establish dialogue.

Care of Budgerigars

You don’t need a lot of effort to care for your budgerigar. Feeding containers and water containers can be fed as needed. No bathroom requirements. They clean themselves with their beaks. Continuous maintenance of cages is important. Apart from these, your budgerigar only expects attention and love from you.